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Advanced Operations sRPAS Ground School

Designed to meet and exceed Transport Canada’s RPAS Pilot Knowledge Requirements (TP 15263) this training covers the knowledge required to conduct advanced flight operations with small RPAS in Canada. Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the regulatory requirements to conduct legal RPAS operations in Canada

  • Critically assess the factors that have the potential to introduce risk to RPAS operations and describe how they would mitigate those identified risks

  • Access and analyze aeronautical charts and flight publications for the purposes of conducting site-survey, ATC coordination, property permission, and pre-flight activities

  • Retrieve weather and NOTAM information and assess the impact on flight operations

  • Assess the airworthiness of their aircraft prior to and during a flight operation.

  • Conduct radio operations on frequencies designated for Aeronautical applications in Canada.


Upon successful completion, students will be able to confidently challenge the online Transport Canada Certification Exam. In addition, the students will receive their Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Restricted Radio Operator Certificate with an Aeronautical qualification (ROC-A). NOTE: Due to COVID, scheduling of the ROC-A testing and ID verification will be established via a one-on-one, 2-way video communication at a time convenient for both parties pursuant to the Advanced Operations training.

Public Ground School (Location: Owen Sound, ON or Live-Online)

32 hrs | $699/person +tax

Corporate/Private Group Ground School and Training

32 hrs | Pricing

sRPAS Flight Training 101

This class is for the newbie...those who have never operated a drone. It can be scary to think about flying a drone for the first time. How do I unpack it? How do I set it up? How do I use the app? Should I use manual or auto functions? What are these presets...what do they do? How do I set up my return to home? How do I set my altitude limit? It can seem so overwhelming...relax...we're here to help. Our in-class and practical hands-on training will provide you with the confidence needed to ensure you are operating safely.

Our Flight Training Objectives:

  • Aid theoretical understanding with practical hands-on flying

  • Introduce primary manual flying skills

  • Introduce a platform and operation that will be transferable to larger and more complex aircraft / operations

  • Provide ‘take-away’ exercises that will aid in skill perfection

Location: Owen Sound, ON (Across Canada for Private/Corporate)

4-6 hrs | $300/person +tax

sRPAS Flight Review Prep

An in-person Flight Review is required by Transport Canada to complete your Advanced Operations Certificate. The Flight Review is intended to ensure you understand and can demonstrate practically the knowledge required to complete a safe flight/operation. There is a specific checklist we must go through as a Flight Reviewer...similar to what your practical drivers test is like. Our Flight Review prep course will equip and prepare you to challenge Transports Canada's mandatory in-person Flight Review for Advanced Operations.

We will walk you through what an actual sRPAS Flight Review consists of including hands on flight requirements. We will take the time to go through all aspects in detail and most able to provide you with answers to the questions you have to ensure confidence when challenge the Flight Review.

 Location: Owen Sound, ON (Across Canada for Private/Corporate)

3 hrs | $250/person +tax

Photography for RPAS Operators

Ultimately...we're just putting a camera in the air. Understanding the basic of photography is vital to the success of collecting quality data. This course will focus on core photographic concepts, best practices and how they relate to the sRPAS world. The course will include hands-on training to propel students from a theoretical to practical understanding of photography. Topics will include:


  • Theory

  • Components

  • Photography Rules/Guidelines

  • Exposure - ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture

  • Manual Control vs Programmed

  • sRPAS - Camera Settings

  • Composition

  • Focusing

  • Equipment

  • Lighting

  • Image Management


Location: Owen Sound, ON (Across Canada for Private/Corporate)

16 hrs | $400/person +tax 



The goal of the RPAS Flight Review is to ensure that candidates have the required skills to plan and execute an RPAS flight operation safely and efficiently. This mandatory assessment is required for candidates wishing to apply for their small RPAS, endorsed for Advanced Operations, pilot certificate. A pilot candidate will work their way through the skills documented in TP15395 while under the careful assessment of one of our approved flight reviewers. Those assessed skills include:


  • Describing the site survey process

  • Describing the emergency procedures that apply to flying a RPAS

  • Describe the response to Transport Canada of an incident or accident

  • Successfully perform pre-flight checks of their RPAS

  • Perform a take-off

  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate around obstacles

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize distances

  • Perform a landing


Upon successful completion, students will be able to apply for their pilot certificate through Transport Canada’s Drone Management Portal.


Pre-Requisite: In order to be admitted to the flight review, the candidate shall have successfully completed and passed the Transport Canada Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) – Advanced Operations exam.

Flight Review Guide and Application Form

Location: Owen Sound, ON (Across Canada for Private/Corporate)

2 hrs | $250/person + tax



Drones provide us with a new and safer way to collect data. We no longer have to rely on scaffolding, helicopters, planes and ladders to obtain that bird's-eye view...we can complete the same tasks more efficiently, effectively and without risks to humans by using drones.

In order to fly drones/sRPAS (small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - 250 g up to and including 25 kg) in Canada, you are required to hold either the Basic or Advanced Certification. Our Transport Canada, sRPAS Advanced Operations certified pilots provide the most flexibility when collecting data with drones. A few areas we can help:

  • Marketing Material

  • Property Photography

  • Inspections; Roofing, Building, Bridges, Towers, anything to high to reach

  • Construction

  • Site Progress Reports

  • Inventory Management

  • Policing

  • Fire Departments

  • Soil Management

  • Agriculture

  • etc...

Don't hesitate to contact Advanced Drone Services with any needs you may have...we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact for pricing. (Location: Across Canada)

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